Booking tips and brief translations at the bottom of the page – click the star on the right for better mobile experience – please call or text 91252994 for any help or question – if you are looking for a gift card – then see ‘Køb Gavekort’ further below

Booking tips: Online booking system in Danish – service descriptions in English – only Danish mobile numbers receive reminders – you need to enter 8 digits for a mobile number – if you do not have a Danish number please use any 8 digits – e.g. the digits from your foreign phone number to create an 8 digit number – brief translations – ‘Vælg’=’Choose’ – ‘tidspunkt’=’time’ – ‘Bekræft’=’Confirm’ – ‘Køb Gavekort’=’Buy Giftcard’ – anything urgent – questions – special request – help with booking – booking outside normal hours – please call or text 91252994 – if you book from your mobile click on the blue star for better use of your full screen

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